Gender Roles May Be Toxic cropped hoodie

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  • What you should know about this shirt before buying: 

    - it’s soft, your new favorite shirt soft. Made of a super soft cotton, poly, rayon blend! (fancy blend for extra soft). Wish you could feel it through your screen? So do we, go ahead and click the “checkout” button to feel for yourself! 

    - Also it’s gender free! Seriously, no pesky genders here, all our sizing is unisex, see our size chart in the photos if numbers make more sense than words do to you. 

    - It’s hand printed, each and every shirt sold is designed and screen printed manually by a queer artist. You’re not only getting your new favorite tee but a piece of art as well! How exciting is that? 

    - This shirt is well worth your money spent, not only is it comfy, not only is it queer made art, but a portion of the money from each purchase goes to our transition fund which is directly distributed to trans & non-binary people in need. Think of how good you’ll feel remembering that you made a difference in someone else’s transition every time you open your drawer.

  • Note: Limited sizing options for crop tops are due to our supplier for blank shirts only carrying these sizes, we are actively looking for a blanks supplier that provides a full size range as we believe crop tops are for everyone!