Our Story

Support the T was created on January 1, 2016 by Liam Vella, a non-binary queer artist & screen printer based in Ypsilanti Michigan.

After taking time in 2012-2014 to complete their personal social & medical transition Liam was looking for a way to give back to & stay involved in the trans community while also pursuing his art as creative outlet through screen printing, and thus the idea for Support the T was born. 

Support the T first came to life by screen printing in the bedroom of a one bedroom apartment and has expanded into a brand that can be bought online, at local pride events across Michigan and Ohio, as well as in retail locations across the US.

In fact there's nothing Liam enjoys more than getting to attend local Pride events across Michigan & Ohio and getting to directly interact with the community that keeps this brand growing and getting to see the joy and education their products bring, especially to trans youth & teens. 

While our fundraising program has changed forms throughout our time as a brand our overall goals has and always will be to give back to the trans community directly through mutual aid.

When buying a product from Support the T you are not only supporting a small, queer owned, and handmade business but also contributing to our efforts of uplifting trans and non-binary folks in their time of need- whether that be transition related expenses or other necessities like housing, food, or healthcare expenses.


 Liam standing in front of a pink wall with their arms behind their head wearing a Gender is a Drag cropped hoodieLiam in front of the Support the T booth at a Pride event wearing a Gender is a Drag crop topLiam in graphic makeup standing in front of a pink wall wearing a green and black Gender Roles May Be Toxic t-shirt