RIP Old Me cropped hoodie

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What we want you to know about this shirt before buying:

- It’s soft, your new favorite shirt soft. Made of a super soft cotton, poly, rayon blend! We wish you could feel it through your screen but you're just going to have to click “add to cart” to feel for yourself!

- It’s gender free! Seriously, no pesky genders here, all our sizing is unisex, size charts are available in the photos for your viewing pleasure.

  • - It’s hand printed! Each and every shirt sold is designed and screen printed by hand by a queer artist. Not only are you getting your new favorite tee, you're getting a piece of wearable art. 

    - This shirt is already well worth your money spent, but we want to be sure you feel extra great about spending it, a portion of every purchase is donated directly back into the community to trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people in need. Every time you wear this shirt remember that you helped make a difference in someone's transition & life.  

    -Free US shipping! Flat rate international shipping. 


  • Note: Limited sizing options for crop tops are due to our supplier for blank shirts only carrying these sizes, we are actively looking for a blanks supplier that provides a full size range as we believe crop tops are for everyone!