Halloween Mystery Boxes!

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What's inside? Clicking "add to cart" is the only way to find out! 

All mystery boxes include a variety of our assorted products (stickers, buttons, and magnets), exclusive discount codes, and a few Halloween treats! They may also contain exclusive shirt styles and colors or other surprises! 

Free US shipping on all mystery boxes! 

After purchasing your mystery box please head over to this link and fill out the form so we know how best to tailor your box to you! https://forms.gle/ijshqJ9AZjX2e61G9  


Mystery Boxes: 

Small Spooks Box $25: 2 enamel pins, 5 assorted items, Halloween treats

Ghosted Box $40: 1 mystery shirt, 5 assorted items, & Halloween treats

Black Cat Box $60: 2 mystery shirts, 5 assorted items, & Halloween treats

Bats for Hats Box $60: 1 mystery shirt, 5 assorted items, & Halloween treats

Witches Brew Box $80: 3 mystery shirts, 5 assorted items, & Halloween treats

Bat Outta Hell Box $80: 1 mystery shirt, 1 mystery hoodie, 5 assorted items, & Halloween treats


Assorted items = buttons, magnets, and stickers.